Værlandet is situated at the west- coast of Norway. It is a tiny island community full of fighting spirit and hardened by the mighty forces of nature. The island is particularly interesting in terms of Norwegian geology - it’s not all grey rock out here! More to the point, it is the source of a unique natural product that has many areas of use.Section Landøy specialises in dressing natural stone for use in building and construction - both inside and outside. We put our heart into producing a finished product that has character and soul. We offer quality products and our policy is to always put the customer first. Our flexible approach provides scope for realising the majority of designs, all tailored to suit your needs and wishes.

We can make all you`re dreams real when it is talking about making indoors and outdoors products, like kitchen worktops and bathrooms surfaces, garden furniture and covering the farm-yard. The most popular stone we have is the one we call Black Beauty. This stone, and others we deliver, is taken out of the mountain on Værlandet, Norway, and you can read more about it at the link left hand.
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